Monday, March 28, 2011

New Directions - Part Four

My contract finished up a couple weeks ago.  I had forgotten what being unemployed was like.  It doesn't suit me well.  I've put on almost 10 pounds, Twitter has become central to my waking life and I've only made two decent contacts for potential employment.  

What I've learned thus far about my various career paths:
  • Public Relations - Appears to require post-secondary, but that varies depending on where you're working.  A little insular, but that may just have been the people I talked to.
  • Advertising - Different feel than PR, appears significantly more open.  Looks promising, what with SM becoming more and more important to branding efforts.
  • Photography - I had mostly given up on this, but I've since chatted with a good friend is a pro shooter on hiatus, and I'll soon be talking with another pro who I've been acquainted with for a while.  Looks somewhat  promising, and will justify my desire for a new camera.
  • Urban Planner, Graphic Design, Interior Design - Still no.

The thing I'm finding most difficult is to keep focused.  I am fumbling about, trying to maintain [read: find] a direction.  It would be better if I was riding, but the weather has been positively miserable for the last two weeks.  I haven't been able to trick myself into riding the trainer [maybe today?].  

I'll persevere.  It's like McManus says in The Usual Suspects

"There's nothing that can't be done."


Yokota Fritz said...

The last time I was unemployed I remodeled the bathroom. Tearing up floors and ripping out old pipes is therapeutic if expensive.

Pink Robe said...

I hope to keep it under $10k, but it's going to be tight...