Saturday, July 16, 2011

On the Road - BC Riding part 2

We rolled into Kamloops on Sunday afternoon, the hot, dry air a reminder of what we left in Calgary a few days prior.  We had no place to stay, but I had an ace up my sleeve - PinkGeezers.  A quick post et voila!  Monique to the rescue!  Monique knows everybody concerned with riding in Kamloops, and she hooked us up with her buddy Jeremy.  Jeremy operates DropInns Bed & Breakfast out of his home in the Aberdeen area of Kamloops.  
Space for your bikes in Jeremy's garage

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Road - BC Riding

Sam and I had the idea to go for a road trip through BC, as we had our asses kicked by most of the trails in Southern Alberta, and wanted BC to have the same opportunity.  Vacation time was booked, plans were sketched out and not confirmed, reservations were never made.

Our first stop was Revelstoke.  We got in later than we had planned, and it was raining.  To the pub for $3 pints!  Huzzah!  The town was pretty quiet, a far cry from the hustle of the snow season.  There were a few tourists around, but we had to look pretty hard for AB plates.  After dinner we took the rest of the night off, did some reading and planned for Saturday morning.