Friday, January 14, 2011

Bike Profile - Cervelo Soloist Carbon
Sometimes, when I ride this bike along some false flat into a head/cross wind that pulls the snot out of my nose and onto my jersey, I think about Jens and how he would push a little harder.  So I do.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bike Profile - Ventana El Terremoto
 I picked up the frame and fork for my wife in January 2010, and spent a couple of months occasionally building it up.  The wheels were rebuilt at that time, as I wanted the red Hope hubs for my Titus, and the gunmetal really did look better on this bike. 
Bike Profile - Titus Racer-X
Not quite done...

I was able to score this frame from Speedgoat back in the spring of 2006[?].  Sam wanted a full-suspension bike, and this is what I was able to come up with.  2-3 pounds lighter than her hardtail, state of the art Juicy 7 brakes, a Reba Race fork with lockout, and really light wheels from [now defunct] Odds and Endos.  It doesn't get much use since she got the Terremoto, but it's still a fast, agile ride 5 years later.  I keep thinking about upgrading the shock or the fork, but they're fine, and she doesn't care.
Shrinking Cities

I came across an interesting article on the BikeCalgary site.  It's a good read.  With over half the global population living in cities, it's worth looking at how big they can be vs. how big they should be.  It's also about scale, specicifically human scale vs. car scale.  A quote from the article:
Buildings would, on average, be higher, houses would be replaced by apartments and cars by bicycles, walkable streets, streetcars, and elevators. Pleasurable and beautiful places like rooftop gardens and restaurants, multi-story solar greenhouses and bridges with spectacular views connecting buildings would predominate...
Sounds like a nice place to visit, and I'd want to live there.
Bike Profile - Misfit diSSent

Slack chain FTW
  Mmmm.  diSSent.  I picked up the frame on a whim from Misfit Psycles in spring 2009.  I had never been on a Big Wheel, nor did I know what the "correct" geometry was.   I read that they were sweet, but the capper was somebody writing about how it rode "nothing like a Gary Fisher".  SOLD.  After having the crap kicked out of me by the Brodie Unibomber for a couple of years, but still enjoying the zip of a SS, I decided to take the plunge.