Saturday, July 16, 2011

On the Road - BC Riding part 2

We rolled into Kamloops on Sunday afternoon, the hot, dry air a reminder of what we left in Calgary a few days prior.  We had no place to stay, but I had an ace up my sleeve - PinkGeezers.  A quick post et voila!  Monique to the rescue!  Monique knows everybody concerned with riding in Kamloops, and she hooked us up with her buddy Jeremy.  Jeremy operates DropInns Bed & Breakfast out of his home in the Aberdeen area of Kamloops.  
Space for your bikes in Jeremy's garage
Sam's moving so fast she's almost out of frame! Aberdeen trails.

From his house, we were able to access a dizzying array of buff singletrack by just riding down the driveway and up the road.  Simply wonderful trails, and a great host.

Monique also offered to get us out to Rio.  Here's what the trail looks like:

Obviously that's not us, but it's an amazing trail.  So much flow, it's not even funny.  Before dropping in, I snapped some pictures:
Getting suited up
Sorry, no pictures of the trail.  We had so much fun ripping down it that I didn't want to stop.  Mad props to Jim for shuttling us.  Having done it, I think I'd be sorely tempted to ride to the top under my own power.  Just an amazing bit of trail.

Leaving Kamloops was easy - it was raining!  

Our destination was West and South - Whistler!  The plan was to drive through Lilloet and Pemberton to meet up with the PinkGeezers at the Riverside Campground.  I'm not sure we're welcome back, but it's a really nice spot to pitch a tent.  Regardless, we got there in one piece and took a quick walk on the local trails before meeting up with the lads.

The lads [and lass]:

You know things were going to be iffy with this lot...  Bad news for me - I didn't actually ride in Whistler.  A bout of food poisoning had me in the 'loo for 4 hours, followed by another 48 hours of feeling like absolute crap.  No photos, no riding, just being semi-conscious in the sleeping bag.  Oy.  I think I'm under 170 now...  Things picked up when we got to Squamish...

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