Friday, January 14, 2011

Bike Profile - Cervelo Soloist Carbon
Sometimes, when I ride this bike along some false flat into a head/cross wind that pulls the snot out of my nose and onto my jersey, I think about Jens and how he would push a little harder.  So I do.

This frame was a replacement for a recalled 2.5R.  It is not the lightest, it is not the most aerodynamic, but it's better than I am.  The build is Chorus 10spd, with the wheels Chorus/Open Pro.  Should I have Boras on there?  Yeah, but I'm cheap.  I did pick up a set of WI/Velocity wheels from Tim [thanks] for a song, but I was too fat for the front wheel [20H] when I got them.  Now I'll start the 2011 season at 170 and feel better taking them out on a windy day.

The Cervelo has languished on the trainer for over a year, but I'll get it out for long group rides.  It really is a great bike, and I don't know when/if I'll ever part with it.  It would make a great SS conversion, but then what do I do with the Wabi?

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