Wednesday, February 09, 2011

We've Gone To Plaid

So much has been happening in the last week, I haven't had a chance to really put it down on pa... um... type it out.  Let's recap, shall we?

New Directions - Things are going pretty well.  I converted my resume from chronological to skills-based, wrote a proper cover letter for the first time in years, and submitted said resume and letter to a really nice company who might read this [Hello!  ;-)].
 I'm meeting my career counsellor to discuss the combined MBTI/Strong results and narrow down the list of potential careers I should be looking at.  Again, I wish I was really good at one thing, instead of pretty good at a bunch of things.

Fork Conundrum - I think this is pretty much solved.  My source for pricey gear south of the border can hook me up with a new Float for $300 less than what I can get in Canada, which is $750 less than CDN MSRP.  That is nutz. 

Riding - We're prepping for the coming summer.  Yes, I know it just snowed a foot a couple of days ago.  Still, with images like this, how can you not want to get out there?

Island Winter from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.
Riding to work the past few days has ben challenging, but the city is doing a good job with clearing my routes.  I need to update my other blog about what's happening on the trail building front.  We will have our work cut out for us this year...

Kids - I was right, they're not the answer.  It's a rut, and she'll come out of it.  I will help as best I can.

Snow - Let's see...  I was supposed to go to Revy with Julie, but she didn't want to wait a couple of hours for me.  On Friday she smacked into a guy at high speed and got two black eyes.  Now she hates all snowboarders.  Sigh.  Sam and I had a great day at Louise, despite some early challenges.  Best conditions I've seen there in years.  Fuyo and I are heading to Revy this weekend, and Sam and I are heading back there for the long weekend.  Woot!

Miscellany - I may have to pick up a new camera, alhough I sure as hell don't want to pay the money for something good.  My G-Phone takes pretty damn good pictures.  There's a few courses at ACAD I can take to improve my skills, but just getting out there and experimenting a bunch will help too.

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