Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fork Conundrum - Float vs. TALAS

I had a good conversation with Arthur at Suspensionwerx on Thursday [Friday?].  We talked about what they could do for my rear shock, a Fox RP23 with the HV can and the medium compression / low rebound tune.  Basically, they're going to add in a Boost Valve and tweak the ProPedal a bit.  This should firm up the mid-stroke a fair bit and stop it from wallowing.  It will not be coil-ish on the descents, but it should be a hell of a lot better overall.  If it still sucks, then I'll chuck it and get a CCDB, RC4 or something along those lines.

I don't know if Arthur was messing with my mind over the phone [I didn't think that was possible with standard 3G], but he says "...and then when you put on the new Float, it will feel really good".  Hmmm.  I don't think I told him about needing a new fork.  So we talked about that for a bit.  I told him that I was planning on a TALAS 180, since the existing TALAS 160 was destined for my new hardtail build.  "A Float 180 dropped to 170 would be perfect".  Hmmm.  Then he throws down that they're competitive with US pricing AND they'll check oil levels before shipping it to me.  Hmmm. 

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